I’ve never been the type of girl who had to read her daily horoscope. Every once in awhile I’ll pick up the latest gossip magazine, flip through the pages and check out what the stars have in store for me. I always found it a little more enjoyable to read an outdated horoscope to determine if the past was, in fact, decided by fate. If the outdated horoscope was clearly a vague description of my life prior to that point, I would toy with the idea that my life really did depend on the precise arrangement of the stars on the day I was born.
After my then present buy-in of the Zodiac calendar and everything it means, I would check my boyfriend’s sign to make sure he hadn’t been acting particularly flirty or curious that month, then I put down the magazine and was on my way. Five minutes after my newly accepted belief in a fate dependent on the Zodiac calendar, I had already forgotten that the stars were presumably controlling my entire being.

I was born on February 1, 1988. My zodiac sign: Aquarius, the water bearer. “What?! That’s perfect. I love water… It’s obviously fate…” Aquarians are:
• extroverted
• stubborn
• experimental (we love to try new things)
• independent
• and, we LOVE a good debate.

NOTE: My mother can vouch for every one of these characteristics.

I often wonder if it’s a coincidence that my personality truly does match up with my star sign. Is this fate, or, during my voyage to adulthood did I read my horoscope enough to subconsciously decide that an Aquarian was exactly who I should become. Why am I asking this? I recently read an article on msnbc.com declaring a terrible mistake! We’ve been following the WRONG astrological calendar. Due to a wobble in the Earth’s axis, I’ve actually been a Capricorn for my whole life!

Well this certainly seemed to change everything! I promptly looked up my new Capricorn personality profile and discovered a surprising list of characteristics:
• Reserved and conservative
• Have great respect for authority
• Pessimistic in tough situations
• Prone to rashes, boils and upset stomachs (WHAT??)

According to my new Zodiac sign, advertising is clearly not the career for me. I should be an accountant or a real estate broker. To all you Capricorns out there, I send all my love… but this star sign sounds BO-RING!

On the other hand, Capricorns do seem to have strengths in areas where Aquarians are weak. Aquarians are bad with money while Capricorns take care of their money and plan their spending (a Capricorn probably wouldn’t have splurged on that Coach bag I bought on an impulse last month). They also pay close attention to details, schedules and lists. It seems like I could learn a few things from a fellow Capricorn.
After profiling what I decided was the person I was meant to be, I decided that I must search for my inner Capricorn.

This startling zodiac news hit the media on Thursday, since then, many have disputed the story. However, I still believe that something can be learned from this sudden discovery. Follow me, an Aquarian, on my journey to find my inner Capricorn.